About Us

Green economy consists of activities in sectors such as renewable energy, sustainable construction, eco-transport, protecting land and water resources, and waste management. Any enterprise in these sectors will without doubt require specialist business consulting support in order to design, develop and implement novel approaches. In addition, to maintain its competitive edge, any business will need recourse to green development incentives provided by the State in line with its aims and commitments.

Entec Consultants was founded in Greece in 2006, aiming to address the absence of a dedicated green economy development advisor among the country’s consultancy firms. We are a team of sector experts, engineers and legal specialists offering a comprehensive, customized range of green economy consultancy services, fully tailored to your requirements.

Our operations are based on the philosophy of an integrated approach, which we interpret as high value-added consulting on the full pathway from inception to full implementation.

Our portfolio includes established Greek and international companies with dominant profiles in the development of renewable energy and environmental projects.

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