Our People

We never lose focus from our most valuable resource – our staff. We have recruited a dynamic team of distinguished multi-specialty scientists, all of whom were selected based on their technical qualifications, experience and module expertise.

  • Emmanuel Astrakianakis

    Emmanuel Astrakianakis

    General Manager

    Manos, one of the founders of Entec Consultants, is the General Manager of the company since 2006. Manos is a graduate of the Department of


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  • George Giatrakos

    George Giatrakos

    Engineering Manager

    George, one of the founders of Entec Group of Companies, is a graduate of the Department of Environmental Engineering of the Technical U


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  • Stephane Douroudakis

    Stephane Douroudakis

    Research and Development Manager

    As one of the founders of Entec Group of Companies and graduate of the Technical University of Crete, Stephane has proven h


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  • Aris Kornelakis

    Aris Kornelakis

    Engineering Consultant

    What does the Cretan lyre have in common with renewable sources of energy? For most of us there is nothing in common between them. Fo


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  • Emmanuel Kassapakis

    Emmanuel Kassapakis

    Financial Manager

    Manolis is the latest member of the company that is part of the administrative team. He has graduated from Athens University of Economics


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  • Mario Manousakis

    Mario Manousakis

    Operations and Quality Manager

    Mario holds a key position in the company guaranteeing high operational standards in Entec Consultants. He is a graduate of t


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