Entec Consultants is strategically located in hubs in Athens and Crete. Our base in Heraklion, Crete, has long contributed to the energy development of the region, and our offices in Athens reach out to our customer base in every region of Greece. Our Crete offices are on 36 Makariou Avenue on Heraklion, a restored listed building of 120sqm situated directly opposite the ancient city walls.

Κτιριακές υποδομές

We have installed a 5kW grid-connected solar power system that meets our energy needs - the first of its kind to be installed on a non-connected island following the introduction of Law 3468/2006, subsidized by the 3rd European Community Support Framework. Our Athens offices are located in a modern building at the centre of Athens, close to the Attiki Odos freeway and just 150 meters away from the Katechaki metro station.

Geodesic Equipment

To conduct site surveying and tracking we have acquired a full range of state-of-the-art geodetic stations consisting of six (6) Trimble R4 & R8 GPS/GNSS receivers and one (1) Trimble S3 Total Station. Our large instrument inventory allows us to work on simultaneous projects

Γεωδαιτικοί σταθμοί

in multiple locations, using the HEPOS system in real time. For larger projects, the combined use of all our equipment allows us to complete surveys of thousands of acres in a matter of a few days, or establish high-precision topographic networks etc.

ΙΤ Infrastructure

Entec Consultants has prioritised the development of an advanced IT infrastructure since day one. By actively incorporating the latest technologies into day-to-day business operations, we can efficiently support remote field workers and share our infrastructure resources between sites. We implement innovative technologies for remote collaboration, office connectivity (BOVPN – DFSR - VoIP), remote access, firewall and protection from cyber-attacks (QoS - VPN - Watchguard security appliances).

IT & μηχανοργάνωση

We apply strict permission policies for files and information that prevent unauthorized access to personal information and other data ensuring all those are stored in the most confidential and safe environment. Investments in hardware and infrastructure such as a data center with air-conditioning, access control, high capacity UPS, redundant server and storage arrays and Gigabit LAN infrastructure.