Green Entec

In Entec Consultants, we prioritize environmental awareness, one of the main components of what we call social responsibility. In particular, we encourage our employees to give us new ideas that enable us to widen our environmental contributions. Every year our company responsibly materializes the best of them.

  • Recycling

    In Entec, we follow all possible methods of recycling (paper, aluminum, glass, batteries) and we help anyone interested in adopting similar practices.

    Coast Cleaning Day

    In Entec we love the sea. For this reason we have set a coastal cleanup day.

    Once a year you can find us by the seaside picking up rubbish bags and clearing up the beach, while at the same time endeavouring to inform and sensitize the community.

  • Energy Footprint Offsetting

    Our energy footprint is the total quantity of CO2 emissions generated by the sum of our energy use. We calculate and offset these emissions by our Green policy.

    RES Exploiting

    In 2007 we constructed the first on Crete grid-connected photovoltaic power system that was installed on top of a roof. And of course we installed it on the roof of the building where our company is housed!

    Since then we support Renewable Sources of Energy as our main capital investment activity, and we intend to follow the same initiative for the years to come. Company now owns and operates 2MW of PV parks and develops a strong Wind Energy pipeline.

  • Paperless office

    Protection of the environment is always among our priorities. For this reason we are trying as far as possible to reduce paper consumption by converting hard copies of our documents into electronic ones and by developing software that automates the internal processes of our company.

    In Entec, we calculate the emissions from our vehicles, as well as from electric power use, central heating, security devices, transportation of goods, photocopying devices, paper and computer use.

    And of course, we never proceed with the purchase of electronic devices without calculating the effect we leave on the planet