Aris Kornelakis

Aris Kornelakis

Engineering Consultant

What does the Cretan lyre have in common with renewable sources of energy? For most of us there is nothing in common between them. For Aris, though, these are not two incompatible areas; they are both fields of interest, challenge and research. That is what mostly characterizes the man who has been holding the position of Engineering Consultant in Entec Consultants since August 2010. Aris’ studies in designing and optimizing renewable energy systems, in operational research as well as in electronic engineering have enabled him to make his mark on such a demanding and competitive professional milieu.

Apart from his administrative duties, Aris is responsible for controlling and managing big projects as well as for the modelling, simulation and optimization of all the energy systems that are being studied by the company. Aris is a lover of Cretan culture and traditions. Among his hobbies music holds a special place: if you enjoy listening to traditional Cretan music, we have no hesitation in recommending him to you.


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