Become a Partner!

Entec Group is constantly evolving, not only by recruiting skilled personnel but also by creating a solid collaborator network. Through our established presence in Athens and Crete, we seek partnerships throughout Greece with enterprises that look forward to broaden their field of expertise, using the aid of an industry leading firm.

  • Partner Programme

    We always try to fulfill our customer's needs as fast as possible and with the most interactive manner. To this extent, we form binding partnerships we local businesses, who we trust with our local clientele. Therefore, our local partner not only manages his own portfolio, but also clients who may contact our company directly.

  • Commercial Support

    Marketing material (brochures, leaflets, business cards) accoriding to the requirements of the field of expertise they are active • Showcase of the partner in our corporate website • Participation of the partner in our corporate booth in national or regional expos • Advertisement in local media (newspaper and radio) using our copyright and the partner's contact details.

  • Constant Coaching

    Entec Consultants partners must boast adequate knowledge of the services and products they offer. We arrange seminars whenever a new consultancy service opportunity occurs, so that our partner stays always up to date with the new legislation, current development programmes and cost of the services we offer.