• Renewable Energy Projects

    A Renewable Energy Sources (RES) project is defined as an electrical power plant fuelled exclusively by renewable natural resources such as wind, solar, tidal, etc.

    Entec Consultants act as a one-stop-shop service for investors aiming to develop and license RES projects. We provide high quality services to guide you all the way from decision-making to completion of your investment project.

    To investigate the viability of a RES project, we take multiple parameters into consideration, such as topography, climate, and accessibility to grid, as well as environmental constraints. With the use of highly developed tools for calculating energy efficiency, we explore a range of alternatives to select the optimal technical and most economically viable option.

    After confirming the decision to develop a new RES project on the selected site, we focus on the licensing process and ensure the absolute integrity of all submissions to speed up regulatory processing. Our large portfolio of successfully implemented projects reflects our experience and expertise in this field and guarantees a smooth and successful completion of your investment project.

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  • RES Infrastructure Design and Inspection

    Design and inspection of a RES project consists of all the specialist consulting required during the full timeline, from design to procurement, construction and commissioning.

    It is standard international practice that the oversight of a technical project is conducted by an independent third party. By using external specialists, costs are minimised, implementation quality is assured and the investment is best protected from external uncertainties.

    Standing by you and serving your needs, Entec Consultants is your partner of choice in Greece. During the design phase, a detailed implementation study is prepared in accordance with European and national standards and the customer and their chosen contractor are handed detailed and comprehensive plans to guide construction.

    While inspecting the construction, we maintain a constant interface between the client and the contractor, so that there is continuous oversight of the quality and integrity of the construction work with minimal client involvement. In this way, we remove the risk posed by the technical survey upon completion of construction. Delivery of the facility only takes places when the project is finally and fully confirmed as compliant with all plans and regulations.

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  • Energy Saving

    Energy Saving is aimed at reducing the energy consumed without any associated reduction in its availability or the reliability of the products and services for which it is used.

    Our engineers, drawing on established techno-economic criteria and with foremost consideration for the needs and requirements of your building, will, if necessary, suggest a program of comprehensive energy interventions. This will always be aimed at maximizing the economic benefit while minimizing the time to return the invested capital.

    By implementing energy-saving measures in a building, its users effectively become investors who accrue multiple benefits. These primarily include the reduction of operating and maintenance expenses, improved comfort, a healthier working environment and a reduced environmental footprint.

    Entec Consultants offer technically feasible and economically viable propositions tailored to your building, for both residential and commercial / industrial structures, while concurrently supporting you in identifying and pursuing financing sources.

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