Technical University of Crete - RESEL

Entec Group of Companies cooperates with ReSEL in the field of solar thermal electric power plants as well as in the preparation of Environmental Impact Assessments for large-scale renewable energy projects.

ReSEL focuses on the areas of Applied Research and Technology Development for RES and RUE as well as in Energy Planning and Sustainable Energy Management dealing both with technological (technology research and development, testing, demonstration) and non-technological issues (markets, policies, communication, professional training). In particular, the main research interests of ReSEL are:

  • Sustainable energy systems: regional/local energy planning, Environmental Impact Assessment of energy systems, renewables and environment, Life Cycle Assessment, sustainable energy development, renewables' project appraisal under uncertainty.
  • RES Technologies: photovoltaics, solar thermal applications, wind energy, RES integration in buildings, design of active solar cooling systems, technical and economic assessment.
  • Biomass- Biofuels: exploitation of agrofood residues, production of liquid biofuels, biofuel heating of buildings, assessment of the technical and economically available potential.
  • Sustainable Building: sustainable energy building design, bioclimatic design, phase change materials, energy audits in buildings.