H λειτουργεί από το 2018 και αποτελεί το μοναδικό επιχειρηματικό, κοινωνικό δίκτυο αγροτών, επιχειρηματιών, εμπόρων και όσων αγαπούν τη φύση και την παράδοση.

    Ο όμιλος εταιριών Entec συνεργάζεται με την Agresocial στους ακόλουθους τομείς:

    Ανάπτυξη διαδικτυακής πλατφόρμας Ανάπτυξη mobile εφαρμογών Ανάπτυξη δικτύου και marketing Ανάπτυξη δικτύου στο εξωτερικό Σύμβουλευτική εξαγωγών

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  • Geomeleti

    GEOMELETI is a Consulting Engineering Company, managed and operated by experienced engineers / geologists, committed to the art and science of geotechnical engineering, always aiming in giving high quality, simple and cost-effective solutions to the projects undertaken.

    The Company, with the use of modern equipment including drilling-rigs, in situ and laboratory testing devices as well as specialized software, can give reliable, fast and economical design solutions to Geotechnical Issues encountered.

    Entec Group of Companies cooperates with Geomeleti in the following areas:

    Geotechnical investigations with sampling borehol...

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  • Extra Mile

    Extra Mile was founded in 2003 and specializes in high tech electronics, programming and business consulting. Till now we have developed several solutions serving leading companies of marine, logistics and automotive industries.

    Entec Group of Companies cooperates with Extra Mile in the following areas:

    Studies on application of electromechanical projects Studies on certification and CE marking of products Development-Construction-Commencement of operation for customized advanced integrated electronic systems. Developing and conducting Reverse Engineering programmes that detect causes of complex technical problems. Claim m...

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