Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Entec Consultants strives to protect the environment and to conduct operations safely, qualitatively and efficiently. The systematic management of the above is how we define Operational Excellence.

Quality Management

For us, quality is of paramount importance. We keep improving our product and services by following strict operational processes and constantly evaluating their performance results.

Our quality management system is certified in accordance with the international quality standard ISO 9001:2008. But that was only the first step. Entec Contractors has already proceeded in developing a management system above and beyond the minimum certification requirements.

Code of Corporate and Environmental Ethics

Our fundamental orientation is aligned to the need to respect the natural, social and business environment in which we operate. For this purpose, from our inception we have developed and applied industry-leading codes of business and environmental ethics.

By placing an emphasis on environmental ethics, we demonstrate our belief in corporate responsibility as a component of respect for the environment. This is our contribution to sustainable development and enhancing quality of life.

Innovative Software

Our internal functions are powered by CRM & ERP, a business intelligence software developed in-house. The software has been designed to comply with paperless office guidelines and has been customized to Entec Consultants’ needs. It provides dynamic client and contact management, unified handling of incoming, outgoing and internal documents and assures the compliance with the requirements of the quality standard.