Development Funds

Development Funds

Development funds are intended to financially support a new startup enterprise or stimulate an existing business. Such funds are typically drawn from the European Community or the Greek State.

In recent decades, enterprise development funding has been central to the growth of Greek enterprise. Enterprise consulting advice on securing this funding requires the involvement of consultants with specialist knowledge and experience. 

Our approach at Entec Consultants is consistent with our operational values. A feasibility study focuses initially on your strategic business planning, to select the appropriate programme that will address your investment requirements. We will then collaborate closely to provide you with in-depth exposition on the recommended funding stream and its particular specifications and likely benefits, before submitting a proposal.

Our measure of success goes beyond an accepted bid, to ensuring rapid absorption of new funds into your operation to boost your enterprise in the face of strong competition. We continue to support you through the evaluation of your investment plan, applying the same rigorous and personalized approach.

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