Pre-announcement of the program

Pre-announcement of the program "Saving - Changing Appliances for Businesses"

Date: 13/02/2024

The program of the Ministry of Environment and Energy has been pre-announced: "Changing Appliances for Businesses", with a budget of 105.6 million euros. The initiative is implemented within the framework of the action: "Saving - Doing Business," with the support of the Recovery and Resilience Fund.

The aim of the program is to improve the energy efficiency of businesses and reduce the consumption of primary energy and consequently carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions - by at least 30% for each business.

With these data, eligible businesses will receive support to install energy-efficient equipment, including:

  • Heating systems using heat pumps (including solar thermal systems to enhance heat pump efficiency and through heat storage) 
  • Solar heating systems 
  • Smart energy consumption measurement devices (behind the network meter) 
  • Other energy-saving interventions, through the installation of energy-efficient equipment and systems for energy saving in production, storage, product distribution, as well as company operations 


The program targets existing businesses - small (including micro), medium, and large - operating in the Greek territory with a Greek VAT number, active at the time of application submission, and established by 31.12.2023.


The exact amount of funding will be determined taking into account: the size of each business, the subsidy rate, and the maximum eligible expenditure budget (subject to not exceeding the de minimis threshold of Regulation 2831/2023). Specifically, for improving their energy efficiency, small businesses can apply with a maximum eligible expenditure budget of 20,000 euros. The subsidy rate is 50%, so they can receive up to 10,000 euros. Medium and large businesses, respectively, can submit applications with a maximum eligible expenditure budget of 25,000 euros. In their case, the subsidy rate is 40%. Therefore, interested businesses can also receive up to 10,000 euros in funding.

Eligible Expenses:

Each funding application concerns the support of:

  • Purchasing a new heating system using heat pumps 
  • Purchasing a new solar heating system 
  • Purchasing smart energy consumption measurement devices (behind the network meter) 
  • Other energy-saving interventions 
  • Service expenses 

It should be noted that the purchased equipment must be modern, new, unused, and owned by the business. 
VAT is not eligible, and maintenance and repair expenses for equipment already used by the business are not eligible.

Application Evaluation:

The program will apply the method of direct evaluation (First in-First out).

Application Submission:

Businesses wishing to participate in "Changing Appliances for Businesses" will be able to submit funding applications when the program is activated through its electronic platform (